Language Skills


Work Language

As a general rule, either English or German is determined as the official work language.

If the research project is going to be worked on in German, advanced German skills are necessary. Language exams are not obligatory, but language skills should be at the TestDaF level (Niveaustufe 4 or 5) or DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang). If English is chosen as the work language, you will likewise require advanced English skills, if you are not from an Anglophone country.

Language Skills for communicating in everyday life

In order to master everyday life in German, it is ideal if you already have some basic knowledge of German at the time of your arrival.

There are diverse opportunities for learning German in Aachen: in addition to private lessons, language schools, and language courses online, you have access to the RWTH Aachen Language center course offerings. More information is available here:

Learning German and Language Courses

If your German skills are still rough when you arrive in Aachen, we recommend registering for a language course as soon as possible. Although most staff and students at the University can speak English, the success of your stay is often dependent on you learning German or improving your German skills – good communication skills will make your everyday life, interactions with others and authorities, and your work much easier.

Should you attend conferences or events at the University, solid German skills are undoubtedly vital. This is particularly true, if you need to read German texts or even compose texts in German for your work.