Trees and building in sepia Copyright: RWTH Aachen  

Aachen - An Intercultural Environment

If you work or study at RWTH Aachen, you will find yourself in a truly international environment. Since people from all over the world come together at RWTH Aachen, you will not only have to get used to daily life in Germany, but also a university environment with diverse challenges resulting from so many people for differing cultures meeting together.

Various institutions at the University are responsible for supporting visiting researchers and making their stay here easier. The International Office Info Service Center (ISC) organizes the Leisure & Pleasure Recreation Program, which makes it possible for German and international students and researchers to spend time together during excursions and events, to participate in courses, workshops, and family excursions, and thus get to know the city of Aachen and the surrounding region.

Cultural and Recreational Offerings

The International Office organizes numerous events specifically for international students, researchers, and academic staff at RWTH Aachen. You can find more information about what the International Office has to offer in the Info Box on the right. Below you will find an overview of recreational activities Aachen and the surrounding area have to offer.

Due to its rich cultural program and unique geographic location to Belgium and Holland, Aachen has lots to offer in the way of outings and excursions. Additionally, the region has a broad cultural event program. One example of a program event is the “Across the Borders” cultural festival that took place in 2011 for the fourth time.