Networking and Interdisciplinary Interaction for International Researchers



AixCYR - Aachen Center for Young Researchers

The Aachen Center for Young Researchers, AixCYR for short, provides postdocs at the University with networking opportunities. On a regular basis, early-career researchers at RWTH organize meetings to give participants the chance to discuss their experiences within and beyond their individual fields of expertise, providing a forum in terms of support, discussion and exchange, also with regards to career planning and career opportunities.

Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates

The Forum for Female Doctoral Candidates offers interested female doctoral candidates a platform for discussion and information in the form of an informal network, which is organized by the members involved. Aside from professional discussions, the program includes joint recreational activities, and female doctoral candidates new to Aachen can get tips about living in and getting to know the city.


Career Development

Center for Professional Leadership

The Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, offers programs for different post doc target groups and career steps, which aim at expanding a number of career-relevant fields of competence. The workshops and seminars, in particular, offer the opportunity to talk with colleagues from other fields of research about more than just the seminar topics.

Center for Doctoral Studies

The Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS for short, is the center for extracurricular qualifications for doctoral candidates at RWTH Aachen. Focus is placed on methodological and social skills. Since these courses are open to all doctoral candidates registered with CDS, participating is a good opportunity to meet researchers from other faculties.


Leisure and Pleasure

Guests from abroad registered with us are regularly informed about events, such as the International Family Breakfast in collaboration with the Family Services Center.

One meeting point for international students is the Humboldt Haus, the international heart of RWTH Aachen. It helps international students meet and understand each other as well as contact with their fellow German students. The Humboldt Haus also houses the offices of the Intercultural Center of Aachen Students INCAS and the offices for international organizations.