Before Your Arrival

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Even before your arrival there are some formalities to complete - on these pages, we give you some practical advice on visa questions and important issues such as obtaining a residency and a work permit. We also provide you with information on required language skills and on the steps to take to get employment at RWTH Aachen.



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If you are an international researcher coming to Aachen from abroad, there are many formalities to take care of before your arrival. These may be visa and residence questions that result from your personal situation. Aside from legal formalities, we recommend informing yourself about the housing situation in Aachen, necessary language skills, or required insurance for example.

Additionally, we have put together a list of documents, which you should absolutely bring with you as you will need to submit original copies of them to RWTH Aachen and various authorities in Aachen.

Employment as an Academic Employee

If you are planning with your host institute to be hired as an academic employee during your time in Aachen, you should contact Division 8.1 Academic Employees and Assistants of the Department of Human Resources early on to find out which documents you need to submit, and if necessary, to whom you need to send them in advance. You can find an overview of the staff on Division 8.1's website. If you have more detailed questions about the hiring process at RWTH Aachen University, we are happy to advise you and support you further.

International Doctoral Candidates

If you are planning to complete a doctorate at RWTH Aachen University or complete part of your doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen, you should apply early for a doctoral position and enroll at the university after arriving in Aachen. Division 2.1 Admissions and Social Affairs of the International Office has put together information for international doctoral candidates.