After Your Arrival

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Upon your arrival in Aachen, there are some further administrative formalities that you will have to complete. In the present section, you can find information on registering your address and opening a bank account. Also, we give you some background information on taxation and social security contributions in Germany.


We have put together a checklist for you with the most important steps. Please make note of the list of documents you have to bring with you to submit to authorities in Aachen. These must be the original documents. A copy is often insufficient.

The most important questions after your arrival:

Employment as an Academic Employee

If you come to Aachen to be employed by your host institute, the employment process will have been initiated by your host in advance. For the signing of the contract, you should schedule an appointment with the respective HR department and check with them which documents need to be sent in advance and which to bring in person to the signing of the contract. An overview of the HR administrators can be found on the website of Division 8.1 Academic Staff of the HR Department.

Doctoral Studies at RWTH Aachen

We recommend all international doctoral candidates, who would like to complete doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen or part of their doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen, apply for a doctoral position and enroll. As an enrolled doctoral candidate, you receive the RWTH BlueCard, which serves not only as a student ID but also as a payment card in the cafeterias, a library card, and as authentification during admission control at the University Sports Center and internal University elections. Additionally, your student ID grants you discounted prices in many institutions or special student prices, for example in movie theaters or at swimming pools.

By enrolling, you also receive the NRW semester ticket. The semester ticket allows you take the bus and train throughout all of NRW as much as you'd like and to ride the Aachener Verkehrsverbund, AVV, buses that cross the border into Vaals and Kerkrade in the Netherlands and Kelmis in Belgium. You can get more detailed information about the semester ticket from AStA, the RWTH Aachen General Students' Committee.

Families with Children

If your family is accompanying you to Aachen, we are happy to put you in touch with the RWTH Aachen Family Services Center. The Family Services Center provides members of the University with information and advising about balancing family and career. It can also help you find individual childcare for children under six years of age.

In Germany, children ages six to 15 are required to attend school. This means, that you must send your children to a suitable school as soon as you register your residence in Aachen. We are happy to give you the contact information for the advising offices at the City of Aachen and the Aachen city region. Just contact us.

An overview of the programs and services for families provides additional information about family-friendly recreational offers.