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The Dual Career Service at RWTH Aachen helps newly hired researchers and their families to settle into life in Aachen and the surrounding region. We offer support for adjusting to daily life in your new surroundings, and if your partner is looking for a new job in the area, we will be happy to provide advice even before you arrive.


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Welcome and Dual Career Service


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Welcome to the Dual Career Service at RWTH Aachen University!

We accompany you as a dual career couple during your start in Aachen. Our Welcome Service assists with your arrival in Aachen and helps you settle in. We advise your partner – including before your new start in Aachen – when he or she is looking for new employment in the Aachen region. We offer support during the entire application process.

Before and during your arrival in Aachen, we support you and your partner, help with access to existing business networks, and provide information about offers within the university.


  • connect and use networks with RWTH and the Aachen economic region
  • provide support with using the appropriate media for job searches
  • develop a targeted application strategy together with your partner
  • optimize written application documents upon request
  • advise your partner during preparations for upcoming interviews

The Dual Career Service played a major role in my wife and me coming to RWTH Aachen. We were both able to independently develop and shape our careers at RWTH independent of each other.

Professor Martin Grepl


We are proud partners of the national and local networks Dual Career Netzwerk Deutschland and Dual Career Netzwerk Rheinland.


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