Selection of Reviewers


When selecting reviewers for the evaluation process, the ERS Selection Committee not only seeks to chose experts in the respective research areas, but also tries to make sure, as far as possible, to exclude bias – both positive and negative – on the part of the reviewers.

The reviewers, who work in an honorary capacity, are expected to be recognized experts in their field whose broad knowledge of the field enables them adequately to assess the proposal in question. We are at pains to make sure that the reviewers are neither prejudiced nor biased, e.g. due to collaboration, competition, or e.g. a former mentor-mentee relationship. Applicants have the opportunity to reject reviewers for good reason.

We select both German an international reviewers. There is no permanent group of reviewers from which the project reviewers are selected; reviewers are individually selected according to the requirements of the individual project proposal.

The reviewers agree to hold the proposals in the strictest confidentiality and do not pass them on to third parties. Furthermore, the ERS Management Team treats the evaluations in strict confidentiality. The names of the reviewers are only known to the project supervisors from the ERS Selection Committee and the ERS-Management-Team. Only anonymized excerpts from proposal evaluations will be discussed during the selection process.


Code of Good Practice

All reviewers agree to act in accordance with the code of practice.