ERS Project Archive


During the first and second phases of the Excellence Initiative, Boost Funds, Project Houses, and Speed Projects were funded by ERS in addition to Seed Fund projects.

Below is an overview of completed ERS projects.


Completed ERS Projects

Seed Funds Call 2021 – open topic, AI, Simulation and Data Science and Synthesizing Life-Like Material Systems

Call 2020 – open topic and Biological Transformation

Call 2019 – open topic and Neuro-Inspired Computing

Call 2018 – open topic and Engineering Challenges of Scalable Quantum Information Processing
Call 2017 – open topic and Computational Life Sciences + 4-dimensional Manufacturing
Call 2016 – 21st Century Building and Multi-scale Bioactive Systems
Call 2015 – open topic
Call 2014 – open topic
Call 2013 – open topic
Call 2012 – open tobic and Resubmission
RWTH Start-Up Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2021
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2020
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2018
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2017
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2016
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2015
Funded RWTH Start-Up Projects 2014
Prep Funds Call 2020 – Coal Phase-out and JARA
Call 2019 – Simulation and Data Science and Lifescience
Speed Projects Granted Speed Projects 2014
Granted Speed Projects 2013
Boost Funds Granted Boost Fund Projects 2014
Granted Boost Fund Projects 2013
Granted Boost Fund Projects 2010
Granted Boost Fund Projects 2009



Project Houses Established Through ERS Support

Center for Automotive Catalytic Systems Aachen – ACA

The ACA bridges the gap between chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering in the interdisciplinary research field of exhaust aftertreatment for mobile applications. The goal of the project house is to investigate and develop catalytic systems as a key technology for efficient and environmentally friendly propulsion systems for future challenges. The focus lies on the develpoment of materials and production processes as well as adapted operation strategies, with the ACA acting as central contact for international industrial or academic collaborations.

StreetScooter.Boost: Virtual Project House for Electric Mobility

The Virtual Project House for Electric Mobility and the Agency for Electric Mobility (GSE) are contact partners at RWTH Aachen in the interdisciplinary field of electric mobility. The most diverse questions about this important field of research are being investigated at over 30 different research insitutes at RWTH Aachen. The GSE provides partners from politics and the industry and all coopartion partners with central access to the expertise at RWTH Aachen in the field of electric mobility.

Center of Molecular Transformations – CMT

The CMT orginated from the interdisciplinary growth area "Molecular Science and Engineering"; the primary goals of this newly established project house include developing sustainable methods and processes for molecular transformation and making a contribution to the preparation of alternative carbon sources (biomasses, CO2). Therefore, the project house works in the field of catalysis research, under the integration of approaches and methods from chemo-catalysis, bio-catalysis, and process engineering.