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In 2011, RWTH Aachen initiated a visiting scholars program in order to open up more international networking opportunities for RWTH researchers, particularly for those working in interdisciplinary projects.

Within the IRS, funds will be awarded to support scientific cooperation with international partners of strategic interest to RWTH including emerging and developing scientific communities. Funding formats are:

IRS Seed Funds

IRS Seed Funds are ERS projects with international partners, who are expected to provide matching funds. Projects can either be proposed by the researchers to support collaborations with international partners or (possibly topic-) specific calls can be published to foster collaborations with strategic partners of RWTH.


Theodore von Kármán Fellowship – Incoming Scientists

Recognized researchers from all over the world have the opportunity to complete a research project at RWTH; stays may vary in duration from one week to several months. Further information and terms and conditions of participations

Theodore-von-Kármán-Fellowship – Outgoing Scientists

To further promote the internationalization of the University, RWTH scholars can spend a period of research abroad at a foreign university. Further information and terms and conditions of participations.