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  Participants of the Kármán Conference “Green Chemistry Horizon“ Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Such meetings are really important. Not just having the talks but also the discussions and the ability for exchange is really valuable.

Anna Simpson, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge



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Support for New Research Ideas

You have an idea, a research topic, which is unconventional and high-risk, and you are at the very beginning and far away from possible public funding. You are convinced of the potential that this topic might have for the University. Perhaps you already have fellow campaigners, colleagues at RWTH Aachen that share your interest in this research idea, maybe you are still looking for partners and complementary expertise. ERS Forum supports you in the development of research ideas at this early stage.

In addition to conceptual and organizational support, funds are available for relevant activities such as strategy and creativity workshops, colloquia and symposia.

Kármán Conferences

Outstanding international meetings on novel research topics can be promoted as “Kármán Conferences”. Kármán Conferences aim at developing interdisciplinary topics at RWTH Aachen University and at contributing to international cutting-edge research.


Comments on the Kármán Conference “Additive Fabrication of Interactive Material Systems” in July 2018

Organizers were very friendly, helpful, organized and well prepared throughout the conference. All delegates were friendly and shared ideas.

The small number of delegates was great and allowed for group discussion. The high level of detailed information on study outcomes/struggles was highly valuable and encouraged further discussions after sessions.

I am very glad that I attended. Everything was very well organized and the environment was very friendly and inviting.