ERS Forum


Support for New Research Ideas

Participants of the Kármán Conference “Intermediate Filaments“ © Professor Rudolf Leube  

You have an idea, a research topic, which is unconventional and high-risk, and you are at the very beginning and far away from possible public funding. You are convinced of the potential that this topic might have for the University. Perhaps you already have fellow campaigners, colleagues at RWTH Aachen that share your interest in this research idea, maybe you are still looking for partners and complementary expertise.

ERS Forum supports you in the development of research ideas at this early stage. Our goal is to help you identify and explore new interdisciplinary research areas and to assist you in developing new methods and methodologies in interdisciplinary research topics.

In addition to conceptual and organizational support, funds are available for relevant activities such as strategy and creativity workshops, colloquia and symposia. These events may take place in-house for RWTH researchers or involve international scholars and scientists:

Events for RWTH Researchers

Upon request, the ERS Forum supports activities such as core group meetings, lectures and workshops, but also strategy and creativity workshops as well as open space events and Future Labs led by a professional facilitator.

This is an open call, application is possible at any time. The maximum funding amount is 5,000 euros per event.


An International High-Profile Forum for Novel Research: Kármán Conferences

International high-profile conferences on novel research topics can be financially supported as Kármán Conferences.

Kármán Conferences aim at developing interdisciplinary topics at RWTH and positioning them within an outstanding international research community.

This conference format serves as a platform for discussion prior to the publication of research results. It does no aim at communcating research in a well-established topic or paradigm to a wider audience.

This is an open call, application is possible at any time. The maximum funding amount is 25,000 euros per conference hosted.