Funded Projects: ERS Practical Examples

  Copyright: RWTH Aachen
  Copyright: RWTH Aachen
  Copyright: Jürgen Jacobs

Efficiency in Rail Transport

An interdisciplinary team of Aachen researchers has developed a computer model to optimize waiting times in rail traffic. This should makes it possible to choose optimal operating strategies for train stations and rail networks and to facilitate the planning of new railway systems. The insights are also relevant for other transportation, such as aircraft, trams and cars.

  Balance bike and gourd Copyright: Julia Arndt

Construction Parts from the Greenhouse: Renewable Raw Materials for Industrial Production

How can renewable raw materials be used in industrial production? The interdisciplinary project TEPHA – TEchnical Product HArvesting, funded by the ERS, is dedicated to answering these exciting questions.

  Sensor fish in a testing tank Copyright: Elena Klopries

Sensorfisch: Pocket-Sized Species Conservation

Hydro plants can pose a serious danger to different fish species, as it is impossible for many animals to pass through unharmed. The RWTH Aachen interdisciplinary project Sensorfisch, funded by ERS, aims to contribute to a solution to this problem.