DFG Proposal Support


A successful application for DFG Individual Research Grants ("Sachbeihilfe") not only raises third-party funds for basic research but also establishes a track record that is essential for future applications to more extensive coordinated programs.

The DFG Proposal Support focuses on helping applicants strengthen their applications for DFG-Sachbeihilfe, optionally including the module Temporary Position for Principal Investigators.

In collaboration with the RWTH Writing Center, we help researchers during all stages of the writing process leading up to submission.


DFG Information – DFG Consultation

We supply applicants with the information required to complete a DFG funding application through our general information events about the DFG funding opportunities and during our digital DFG consultation hours every Wednesday. We also offer personalized advice about the application process and tips on submitting proposals.

Our digital DFG consultation hour is normally open Wednesdays from 10am to 11am via Zoom upon prior registration.

To arrange an individual appointment, contact us via .


DFG Proposal Quick Check

We check proposal application documents and provide format-related feedback from a non-discipline perspective, including feedback on the structural coherence of the application. To request a DFG Proposal Quick Check, please contact us via at least two weeks before the desired submission date.


DFG Writing Workshop

Offered in collaboration with the RWTH Writing Center, our DFG Writing Workshop supports participants who already have a concrete proposal idea. Participants will be introduced to the DFG proposal structure, the requirements, and the proposal and review process. We will train strategies for

  • conceptualizing and formulating a grant proposal;
  • writing clear, consistent, and concise texts; and
  • improving the readability of their application.

The workshop includes presentations, discussions, group and individual work, presentations of results and feedback from a reviewer’s perspective, examples, and writing advice. Professional feedback on proposal drafts will be available to participants after the workshop.

Dates for DFG writing workshops are continuously posted in the overview of all information and qualification events in our department.


DFG Writing Club

The Writing Club provides a dedicated space with three desks for writing, reading, studying, and reflecting. It helps researchers overcome obstacles such as writer's block and procrastination and apply strategies for confident, consistent, and persuasive writing. At the Writing Club, researchers can share their work and read the work of others—an ideal way for them to improve their writing and to exchange ideas.

All postdoctoral researchers and advanced doctoral candidates at RWTH Aachen University who would like to submit a DFG grant application in the near future are welcome to join us. Please register via our appointment planner.

When: Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 4pm,
Location: Building 1954, Room 165, Kreuzherrenstr. 2 - 4, 52062 Aachen


DFG Writing Bootcamp: From Idea to Proposal Submission

The DFG Writing Boot Camp is a five-day dedicated program for postdocs and junior professors working on their DFG Individual Research Grant ("Sachbeihilfe") proposal. At the end of the week, the proposal should be ready for submission.

During the boot camp, you will work with experienced coaches and colleagues to improve your writing strategy and the competitiveness of your grant proposal. We will train you to approach your proposal from the funder's perspective and to think critically about what makes a compelling pitch.

The DFG Writing Boot Camp includes individual writing time to work on your proposal, writing training, small group discussions, peer activities, and individual consultations in collaboration with the RWTH Writing Center.