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Are you currently planning an EU project? If you want to seek assistance in order to have more time for your research activities, please get in touch with us!


Our EU Project Management Team is ready to support you during the application stage and the entire project cycle; for example, we are happy to handle all administrative responsibilities of the project. You can decide which tasks to delegate to us and which you would prefer to tackle on your own at the institute.

Our services include the following activities, if desired

In the application process for your EU project, we can help you with the following:

  • Search for project partners
  • Administrative queries from the consortium of project partners
  • Budget calculation for the project
  • Provision of text modules for the proposal/application
  • Creating a tailored project management plan for your consortium

After project approval

  • we support you in corresponding with the Commission
  • we advise you on contractual matters, such as the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement
  • we procure all the relevant information and necessary signatures

Throughout the project

  • we take care of the administrative management of the project for you
  • we assist you in financial and contract management tasks,
  • which also includes the distribution of financial resources to the partners and the preparation of financial reports to the Commission,
  • we take care of organizing consortium meetings
  • and we assist you with public relations tasks for your EU project

Our help in the application process is free of charge to you. The costs for providing project management later on will be financed by the EU Commission for the project’s duration.


Without the EU Project Management Service of the RWTH Aachen University I would never had the chance to become a coordinator of an RIA action. Even my first steps to become a coordinator of an EU H2020 proposal in 2012 were supported by the team. Since then, we went through all procedures of H2020 projects together. While the competition is truly tough, not uncommonly with success quotas well below 10%, the excellence delivered by Christine Kempchen from the EU Project Management Service allows the submission of competitive proposals. Currently, we are working together in the MIX-UP project, not only with 11 partners from the EU, but also with four Chinese partners. Again, thanks to RWTH's EU Project Management Service.

Professor Lars M. Blank, Institutsleiter, Institut für Angewandte Mikrobiologie, RWTH Aachen


We as OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH (affiliated institute of RWTH) and the RWTH Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering would like to express our warmest thanks to Division 4.2 for their dedicated, quick, and professional work. After our phone call, it took just one week to clarify the main points of planning the coordinated EU project with RWTH’s help. As "EU newcomers," this helped us a lot and brought the project forward significantly. We are also very impressed by Division 4.2’s enthusiastic support now that the project is underway, and we are well aware of their significant contribution to its success.

Professor Herbert Pfeifer, Chair of High-Temperature Technology and Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
David Diarra, Managing Director OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut GmbH
Dr. Roy Hermanns, OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut GmbH


I am writing to thank you for your excellent and wonderful support! Over the past two weeks, I was aptly assisted by the EU project management team in my application for a Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship. The team did an exceptional job. With a great eye for detail and knowing what the evaluators are looking for, the team’s support has enabled me to improve every area of my proposal enormously. If my proposal is successful, it will – to a considerable extent – be due to the competence and skills of the EU project management team.

Dr. Wilhelm E. J. Klein, Technology Ethics, City University of Hong Kong

Our Team
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Ulrike Gohil Phone: +49 241 80 90496
Christine Kempchen Phone: +49 241 80 90500
Lilli Jansen Telefon: +49 241 80 90503
Maria Perdikomati-Dahmen Phone: +49 241 80 90493
Rojda Özkan Phone: +49 241 80 90500

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