Past Collaborative Research Centers

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Overview of Completed SFB Projects

No. Designation Spokesperson
TRR 9 Computational Particle Physics Prof. Dr. Kraemer
SFB 686 Model-Based Control of Homogenized Low-Temperature Combustion Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Abel
SFB 561 Thermally Highly Loaded, Porous and Cooled Multi-Layer Systems for Combined Cycle Power Plants Prof. Dr. Bohn
SFB 540 Model-based Experimental Analysis of Kinetic Phenomena in Fluid Multi-phase Reactive Systems Prof. Dr. W. Marquardt
SFB 532 Textile Reinforced Concrete Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Hegger
SFB 525 A Resource-Orientated Analysis of the Material Flow of Metallic Raw Materials Prof. Dr. P. Martens
SFB 476 Information Technology Support For Collaborative and Distributed Design Processes in Chemical Engineering Prof. Dr. M. Nagl
SFB 442 Environmentally Friendly Tribosystems Prof. Dr. H. Murrenhoff
SFB 440 Assembly of Hybrid Microsystems - Handling and Joining Techniques for Small and Medium Series Production Prof. Dr. W. Michaeli
SFB 401 Flow Modulation and Fluid-Structure Interaction at Airplane Wings Prof. Dr. W. Schröder
SFB 380 Asymmetric Syntheses with Chemical and Biological Methods Prof. Dr. D. Enders
SFB 370 Integral Materials Modelling Prof. Dr. G. Gottstein
SFB 368 Autonomous Production Cells Prof. Dr. T. Pfeifer
SFB 361

Integrated Design of Products and Processes

Prof. Dr. W. Eversheim
SFB 332 Production Techniques for Components Made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic Prof. Dr. M. Weck
SFB 289 Forming of Metals in the Semi-Solid State and Their Properties Prof. Dr. G. Hirt
SFB 253 Fundamentals of Space Plane Design Prof. Dr. E. Krause
SFB 224 Engine Combustion Prof. Dr. S. Pischinger
SFB 208 Flexible Assist Devices Prof. Dr. W. Backé
SFB 202 Boundary Surfaces and Layer Structures for Semiconductor Components
SFB 163 Use of Process Heat from High-Temperature Reactors
SFB 160 Properties of Biological Membranes
SFB 144

Engergy- and Materials Saving Methods for Selected Manufacturing Processes

SFB 125 Magnetic Moments and Disorder Phenomena in Metals
SFB 109 Artificial Organs - Models and Replacement Organs
SFB 106 Plastics Component Properties
SFB 083 Flow Mechanics in Thermodynamics
SFB 056 Solid State Body Electronics
SFB 055 Process Control in Production Engineering
SFB 027 Wave Focusing: Partitioning and Focusing of Mechanical Waves
SFB 025 Vortex Flows in Aeronautics Prof. Dr. R. Staufenbiel