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Subscribe to our newsletters on research funding and administration of third-party funding to receive the latest information on funding programs and calls for proposals as well as on topics relating to administrative project management. The newsletters are in German except for calls for proposals, which will be forwarded in the language of the respective call (mostly in German).


All RWTH employees and scholarship holders are entitled to subscribe to both of these newsletters. The newsletter on research funding is aimed at members from all of the various Faculties – 1 through 10. Since third-party funds paid to University Hospital members are not processed in Central University Administration, but, on the other hand, by Uniklinik RWTH Aachen itself, the newsletter on administration of third-party funding is aimed exclusively at members of Faculties 1 through 8.

In order to receive the Research Funding Newsletter, you will need to subscribe using your TIM code. Therefore, you must be registered in the RWTH Identity Management System. As an RWTH staff member, you have generally been registered in the system automatically. Scholarship holders and members of Faculty 10 can find information on how to register by following the corresponding links.


Newsletter – Research Funding

Mostly in German, the Research Funding Newsletter will provide you with the latest news and information about:

  • Funding offered by German public funding bodies (current calls for proposals from the most important funding bodies – particularly the DFG as well as federal and state ministries but also important foundations – including information on internal deadlines)
  • HORIZON 2020 (EU research funding)
    (primarily special announcements published by the EU Commission)
  • External scientific prizes (including information on internal deadlines)
  • Research funding related RWTH events

Newsletter – Administration of Third-Party Funding


Newsletter – Administration of Third-Party Funding

Entirely in German, the Administration of Third-Party Funding Newsletter will provide you with updates on new developments regarding:

  • legal, state aid, and tax requirements stipulated by funding bodies for the processing of DFG, EU, federal, state, and foundation grants
  • internal processing procedures for DFG, EU, federal, state, and foundation funding as well as for economic third-party funded projects
  • RWTH events related to the administration of third-party funds