AixCYR – Aachen Center for Young Researchers

  Researchers in conversation Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

Within the framework of RWTH Aachen's Institutional Strategy, young researchers founded the Aachen Center for Young Researchers or AixCYR in 2009. Academic staff members, principally ones who have already completed a doctoral degree, at RWTH Aachen, who are pursuing an academic career, come together in AixCYR.


AixCYR, the self-administrated network for young researchers at RWTH Aachen with doctoral degrees, offers opportunities to get to know each other as well as for technical and non-technical conversation.

The network's objective is to support young researchers with their career development and to represent their interests at RWTH Aachen.

AixCYR provides an active contribution to the development of different support measures for this target group.

AixCYR Board

The members of the AixCYR Board are available for questions: