Certificate Courses for Academic Leaders

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Dagmar Grübler

Program Coordinator


+49 241 80 99120



Academic leaders have the opportunity to obtain the “Leadership” certificate and, if desired, complete the supplementary “Research and Teaching” module. The Leadership certificate is to testify your competencies in leadership and management. If you are active in research and teaching, you can also complete the complementary module. Your participation will be noted on the Leadership certificate.

There are two ways to acquire the "Leadership" certificate:

1. For the “Leadership” certificate, participants can freely select seminars from four modules leadership, personal development, motivation and commitment, and we-feeling:

  • Module Leadership – at least four seminar days; participation in the three-day workshop “Leadership at RWTH” is mandatory
  • Module Personal Development – at least three seminar days
  • Module Motivation and Commitment – at least two seminar days
  • Module “We-Feeling” – at least one seminar day

If you are interested in participating, please register for the course by writing an e-mail to . Registered participants in the certificate course will be specifically invited to the three-day workshop "Leadership at RWTH."

2. You complete the "Qualification Course for Leaders in Science, Adminstration, and Technology." The target group of people in science for this course are tenured employees at the academic mid-level. The qualification course is held during six two-day events with a set group of participants. The course lasts about one year. To register, please send an email to

As a complement to the Leadership course, you can also obtain the “Teaching and Research” certificate. This requires prior participation in workshops from the modules "Research and Innovation Capability" and "Teaching Competence". Participants can freely select workshops from these modules.

  • Module Research and Innovation Capability – at least three seminar days
  • Module Teaching Competence – at least one seminar day

For an overview of workshops and seminars and their module categorization, please refer to our website, which also provides individual seminar descriptions. To obtain your certificate, please present the relevant certificates of attendance to Ms. Dagmar Grübler. Participation certificates from other RWTH continuing education providers are also accepted.

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I was delighted with the leadership course! The group was a good mix of researchers and administrative staff; the coach was confident, knowledgeable and process-focused; and the collaboration with my colleagues was fun and inspiring. The content and methodical approach help me a lot in my role as a leader. I am already looking forward to the next modules of the course and would like to say thank you for this opportunity to learn and develop!

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Schmenk, Head of Corporate Development and Communications, ITA, RWTH Aachen University