Your Registration with the Doctoral Academy


You can register with the Doctoral Academy as soon as you have received your confirmation of supervision from your professor and belong to one of the following target groups:


Please register via one of the following links and be sure to follow the instructions in the registration confirmation, as your registration will not be finalized until all steps have been completed:


Without RWTH ID (TIM)

Please Note

Registration with the Doctoral Academy has no influence on your acceptance to the doctoral studies program; this is determined by the respective faculty. Candidates are expected to complete their doctoral dissertation in due course.

Registration Confirmation

If you need a confirmation of the Doctoral Academy registration to register for doctoral studies, please get in touch with our office. Let us know if you need the confirmation via email or mail and to whom it should be addressed, for example your Faculty's Doctoral Offie or your private address. We will then send you the registration confirmation as specified.

Cancelling Your Doctoral Academy Membership

If you are no longer pursuing doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen, either because you have discontinued your studies, completed your doctorate without the doctoral supplement, or are completing your doctoral studies at another university, please cancel your membership with the Doctoral Academy. To do so, simply send us an . If you have requested the doctoral supplement upong completion of your doctorate, your membership will automatically be cancelled.