Qualification in Research Networks



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Benefits for Participants

  1. Participation will be recognized and listed in the Doctorate Supplement.
  2. The courses are exclusively for members of the participating research consortia.
  3. You get to know your colleagues better, including those from other research consortia.
  4. You work in an interdisciplinary environment and engage in subject-specific conversation with others.
  5. Participation is free of charge and voluntary. You decide which courses you want to register for.

This qualification program is designed for Collaborative Research Centers (SFB) and research networks of RWTH Aachen University. It complements the offerings of the Doctoral Academy and has particular focus on Interdisciplinarity and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The program provides participating Graduate Schools, SFB and other research networks with additional training opportunities for their doctorate candidates and postdocs.

Similar to the Doctoral Academy, the program offers courses and workshops aimed at enhancing doctoral candidates' research, professional and career skills. The courses are tailored towards the needs of the participating research consortia and also serve to foster collaboration and networking within and between the consortia.

The strategic direction of the program is agreed in close collaboration with the Exploratory Research Space, ERS for short, which supports early-career researchers in developing interdisciplinary competencies and unlocking their creative potential. The program received funding from the participating research networks and from the Excellence Initiative.

Currently the Collaborative Research Centers SFB 917 (Nanoswitches) and SFB 985 (Microgels) are participating in the program. The aim is to integrate other interested research consortia into the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the courses?

Doctoral candidates and postdocs of the participating research consortia are eligible to participtate the program's offerings.

How to enroll for the courses?

  Professor Joachim Mayer Copyright: © private

With the qualification program for research consortia, in close coordination with the Doctoral Academy and the ERS, we have created an attractive format for doctoral candidates in Collaborative Research Centers or research clusters. The various offerings can be adapted and offered in close coordination with the respective heads of the graduate research groups. The limited number of participants provides good networking opportunities within the respective research center or cluster as well as with researchers from neighboring disciplines. The courses offered in the first phase of the program have found wide acceptance with our doctoral candidates, and the very positive feedback confirms the value of this format.

Professor Joachim Mayer; Director of the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy GFE and Spokesperson for the “Nanoswitches” Collaborative Research Centre / SFB 917