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Networking and interdisciplinary exchange are highly valued at RWTH Aachen. The University offers its scientists diverse possibilities to meet each other, share their work with each other, and network.


This particularly includes:

RWTH Faculty Club

The Faculty Club is the meeting point for professors of RWTH Aachen. On several Fridays each year, the rector invites the faculty members to an interesting lecture on research topics or science-policy; meanwhile a platform for exchange and networking is offered.

Melaten Talks

Once a year the RWTH rector and chancellor invite the professors to the Melaten Talks. The Melaten Talks offer RWTH Aachen professors a framework and opportunity to network, discuss their work, and talk with decision makers in science and politics.

Profile Areas

RWTH is convinced that in order to solve today's complex and multi-faceted problems, universities have to develop appropriate, integrated approaches. The University's new Institutional Strategy is a major step towards realizing a comprehensive integration. One core element is the development and integration of Profile Areas, with the aim to further consolidate and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration.

Exploratory Research Space – ERS

The Exploratory Research Space at RWTH Aachen University, for short ERS, has been initiated under the Excellence Initiative and now forms a core element of the University's institutional strategy. ERS promotes and funds interdisciplinary research projects and provides a platform for scientists who join forces to develop highly innovative, challenging research ideas involving a higher risk than conventional ventures and who seek to realize their ideas in so-called seed fund or boost fund projects.