Combined Expertise: The Jülich Aachen Research Alliance – JARA

  JARA Brain CT Scanner Copyright: © Forschungszentrum Jülich

In the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance, JARA for short, RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich combine their excellent competences in six research areas, the so-called JARA sections and centers. In a model that is unique in Germany, the two partners overcome the coexistence of university and non-university research and teaching. This both opens up joint research opportunities and enables projects that the partners would not be able to pursue on their own. The major challenges facing society are always taken into account in their endeavors.


The alliance creates a research environment that is internationally visible and also highly appealing for the best researchers.

In addition to pure research, the JARA cooperation also extends to the areas of education and training, infrastructure, transfer, and service.

Among other topics, JARA scientists are researching more efficient energy generation and use, opening up possibilities for the early detection and treatment of mental or neurological diseases, developing physical foundations for new memories or processors for computers, optimizing research and development processes through computer simulation, and researching the fundamentals of nuclear and particle physics.

The two partners – RWTH and Forschungszentrum Jülich – connect fields of research in which their specific competences effectively complement each other. Since 2016, the JARA sections have been supplemented and consolidated by JARA institutes in the BRAIN and FIT sections. The JARA Institutes are founded at the RWTH as interfaculty institutes and at Forschungszentrum as subinstitutes and are collegially headed by JARA professors.

Since 2018, various structures from Aachen and Jülich, including the JARA-HPC section, have been combined in the newly established JARA Center for Simulation and Data Science, JARA-CSD for short, and continue to operate synergistically under one roof. With JARA-CSD, RWTH and Forschungszentrum Jülich have established a unique, internationally visible competence center in simulation and data sciences.
JARA currently comprises six research areas

JARA currently comprises six key research areas


Translational Brain Medicine

JARA-ENERGY Sustainable Energy

Nuclear and Particle Physics


Fundamentals of Future Information Technology

JARA-SOFT Researching Soft Matter
(former JARA-HPC)
Center for Simulation and Data Science