Philipp Niemietz

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Master's student in Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University


Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science & Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Science

Study Stay

October 2014 to July 2015

Philipp Niemietz was one of the two first Aachen Master's students of computer science to choose Tsinghua University for his semester abroad. He chose Tsinghua due to its high reputation in research, the availability of English language taught classes and due to his interest in China as well as in the Chinese language. Even before going abroad, he started learning Chinese and continued his language classes at Tsinghua. After the first couple of months at Tsinghua, he decided to extend his stay to two semesters.

The classes at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Science are similar to those taught at RWTH Aachen University: Reading and presenting papers, real exams and close to the current state of research.

Philipp Niemietz