Prof. HU Ming

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Junior Professor at the RWTH Aachen University Institute of Mineral Engineering or GHI, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering


Prof. LIANG Xingang, Tsinghua University School of Aerospace Engineering

Research Stay

August to September 2015

Prof. Hu's current research focuses on thermoelectrics, which finds important applications in the direct conversion of thermal energy to electric power and in solid-state cooling. To materialize wide spread use of thermoelectrics at levels that would impact global energy issues, considerably large amount of scientific effort is dedicated to reducing the lattice thermal conductivity. Nanostructuring of existing thermoelectrics has emerged as a promising pathway to improve thermoelectric performance by manipulating phononic transport, among which superlattices receives exceptional attention. Prof. Liang at Tsinghua has advanced experience in modeling thermal transport of materials. The research stay was used to improve mutual understanding on the research issues and to form networks for further collaboration.

The joint research greatly advances my understanding of coherent phonon transport in organic-inorganic superlattices, which helps my groups identify a system with improved performance. The research stay is particularly beneficial for both institutes and is just a start for our research collaboration.

Prof. HU Ming