Dr. WANG Dawei

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PostDoc at the RWTH Aachen University Institute of Highway Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering


Prof. YUAN Si, Head of Dept. of Structural Mechanics, former Vice-President of Tsinghua University and former Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Dr. XING Qinyan, Assistant Professor, Department. of Structural Mechanics, Tsinghua School of Civil Engineering

Research and Teaching Stay

September to October 2015

Dr. Wang is a graduate of Tsinghua University School of Civil Engineering and completed his Diploma as well as his doctorate with excellence at RWTH Aachen University. With his valuable support, the partners are currently intensifying and broadening their cooperation in the fields of student exchange, research, joint conferences and publications.

During his stay at Tsinghua, Dr. Wang held a two week seminar on road construction engineering for 25 BA students, a topic currently still underrepresented in Tsinghua´s curriculum for civil engineers. He also held a public talk on highway planning, construction and management in Germany as well as an open info session on promoting study and research at RWTH Aachen University. In promoting joint research, both parties plan to establish a research group on numerical simulation of road pavement for highly stressed roads and airstrips. The follow up of Dr. Wang´s visit to Tsinghua will consist of several joint conferences in 2016, funding applications and intensified student exchange.

It was an honor for me as a graduate of Tsinghua University, to hold seminars at Tsinghua and to be funded by the Strategic Partnership Program. I was pleasantly surprised by the great interest of the students regarding my seminars as well as life and culture in Germany – especially since there is generally much more focus on studying and research in the U.S. and the knowledge on Germany is limited. I hope I managed to contribute some ideas which might prove helpful to the students' long-term career development.

Dr. WANG Dawei