RDM Team

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RDM Team


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RWTH has had its Research Data Management Team, RDM Team for short, since 2016. The team is composed of experts from the University Library and the IT Center and its members work closely with Department 4.0 – Research, part of the Central University Administration.

The RDM team is responsible for considering, pooling, and reviewing the needs of researchers and research funders. From this, they develop central offers of infrastructure, processes, and continuing education measures for the University. In addition, the RDM team strives to sustainably anchor RDM in the daily research routine of researchers at RWTH. The RDM team is available as a single point of contact for all topics relating to RDM and NFDI via the IT Service Desk.

RDM Team
Name Topics of Focus
Dr. phil. Lukas C. Bossert

Advising on RDM-related IT services

Florian Claus

RDM Coordination

Collaborative research projects

National Research Data Infrastructure

Dr. phil. Kseniia Dukkart RDM in life sciences
Daniela Hausen

Data management plan

Data steward coordination

RDM-related continued education

Katja Jansen RDM Platform: Coscine
Dr. rer. nat. Ilona Lang RDM Platform: Coscine
Stephan von der Ropp

Publishing research data

Sabine Schönau

Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO)

Dr. rer. nat. Ute Trautwein-Bruns

Publishing research data

Data management plan

Consulting and training