RDM Network


The RDM network at RWTH Aachen University is made up of various players and stakeholders such as the RDM Team; data stewards in Collaborative Research Centers, DFG Research Training Groups, and institutes; and researchers from various departments.

The RDM Team closely collaborates with and is supported by experts from the IT Center, the University Library, and the central university administration, in particular Department 9 – Legal Affairs and the RWTH Data Protection Officer.

There are several initiatives seeking to continuously expand the network, including the open meeting of the RDM network, taking place every second Wednesday of the month from 10 to 12am. At the meeting, we discuss RDM topics, including examples from best practice.

DataStewards@RWTH Mailing List

We will send current information about RDM at RWTH and information about relevant events for data stewards
and other RDM multipliers, such as the regular network meetings, via the DataStewards@RWTH mailing list.

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