Graduate Schools


Graduate schools provide an essential addition to education and profiling of strong research and international competitive sites in Germany.  Within a broad research field, they offer outstanding national and international doctoral students a structured education within an interdisciplinary and competitive research environment.


Fast-Track Doctorate

A specific and quick doctorate is made possible through individual research advising from outstanding researchers and a comprehensive offering of accompanying seminars. In addition to the subject specific education, doctoral students also go through a qualification program that is composed of methods seminars and imparts key qualifications. Through all of this the graduate schools provide doctoral students with an outstanding environment for their doctoral studies.

The graduate schools promote the identification of the doctoral students with the home university, and contribute to the international visibility of the university.

In comparison to the research training groups, the graduate schools are considerably more broadly equipped both structurally and content-wise. This is due to their multidisciplinarity and their interdisciplinary structure (both across subjects and faculties).

Graduiertenschule an der RWTH Aachen
AICES Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science