DFG Programs – Individual Funding

  aerial view of Campus Melaten Copyright: Peter Winandy

The German Research Foundation funds the renowned Emmy Noether as well as Reinhart Koselleck Projects among others within the framework of individual funding.


Emmy Noether Program

Here you can find an overview of the current Emmy Noether projects at RWTH Aachen.


Reinhart Koselleck Projects

This program enables outstanding researchers with a proven scientific track record to pursue exceptionally innovative, higher-risk projects for five years.

Title Applicant Subject Area Funding

Logic, Structure, and the Graphene Isomorphic Problem (de)

Professor Dr. Martin Grohe, Department of Computer Science
Computer Science 7 – Chair of Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems
Theoretical Computer Science Since 2012

Instationäres Reibungs-und Leckageverhalten von translatorischen Hydraulikdichtungen

Professor Dr.-Ing. Hubertus Murrenhoff, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls

Dr. Bo Nils Johann Persson
(Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH), Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI), Quantum Theory of Materials (PGI-1 / IAS-1)

Construction, Machine Elements Since 2014

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