I³TM Project Support



Please note that the formal criteria for applications as specified in the Call for Proposals must be met. The i³tm Office reserves the right to drop applications that do not meet the criteria from the selection process. Furthermore, only applications in the PDF format will be taken into account. The i³tm Office


The „Integrated Interdisciplinary Institute of Technology for Medicine" provides funding and support for interdisciplinary research in biohybrid medical systems and pharmaceuticals and their translation into clinical practice. Currently there is a focus on the development and testing of biohybrid lung assist systems and innovative non-invasive imaging technologies as well as the attendant moleclular diagnostics and theranostics.

Funded projects should contribute to I³TM's networking activities in the field of medical technologies and help to sustainably establish the I³TM-Institute.

So far, I³TM has supported two projects developing and implementing unconventional, interdisciplinary collaborative research ideas.

Seed Fund Projects

Seed Funds provide six to twelve months of start-up funding to support projects that seek to develop highly innovative research ideas that promise to deliver scientific results of strong future relevance.

Applying projects will be evaluated by an expert commission and, after recommendation by the I³TM Seed Fund Commitee, approved by the Rectorate.

Rotational Positions

The Rotational Positions set out to support early-career researchers in medicine and in the engineering and natural sciences.

Eligible to apply are young researchers from the above named fields who want to spend a 4-week to 6-month period at another research institution – either at RWTH or elsewhere – to learn about new methods and technologies.


Supported Projects

For detailed abstracts of the funded projects (in German), please visit the I³TM Project Funding intranet page.

Project Applicant Participating institutions
I³TM Seed Fund 2016
Automated fabrication of tissue-engineered vascular grafts T. Schmitz-Rode, C. Brecher AME, WZL
Functionalizable Ironoxide Nanoparticles for Magnetic Particle Imaging (SPIONs for MPI) V. Päfgen, M. Straub, S. Banala ExMI, PMI, IOC
Structured nanomaterials for the adsorption of uremic toxins (NanoMatDetox) T. Beck, S. Alampour Rajabi, J. Jankowski IAC, IMCAR
Validation of FMT quantification W. Al Rawashdeh, O. Winz, F. Mottaghy, F. Gremse NUK (UKA), ExMI
VascuBone – Herstellung eines personalisierten, soliden und vaskularisierten Knochenkonstrukts B. Lethaus, C.Apel, F. Eggert Klinik für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie (UKA), AME-Biotex, ITA
Microfluidic blood separation - A new approach towards improved biocompatibility of membrane lungs M. Wessling, R. Rossaint AVT.CVT, Klinik für Anästhesiologie (UKA)
Anisotropic scaffold with preconditioned cells and dynamic culture system for a new approach in hyaline cartilage repair (CarRep) S. Singh, B. Rath DWI, Klinik für Orthopädie (UKA)


Here you can find an overview of other supported projects.