Close and diverse collaboration in the field of gender and diversity between technology, engineering, science, the humanities, social science, and economics is supported and expanded at RWTH Aachen through the Virtual Project House for Gender and Diversity in SET.

Simultaneously, new projects are being initiated that deal with gender and diversity aspects. Scientific exchange through interdisciplinary candor, communication, and internationalization are intensified for scientific excellence and synergy effects are used.

The following projects in gender and diversity are currently being carried out:

Cluster of Excellence

Guter Studienstart


Fortschrittskolleg „ACCESS! Welche Mobilität werden wir uns zukünftig leisten?“

Completed projects and events

buildING bridges

Neue Wissenschaftskarrieren

Urban Future Outline (UFO)



Hochqualifizierte Migrantinnen in der technologischen Spitzenforschung

Images of Technology

Should I stay or should I go

Same Same But Different


WiST II Survey

Gender- und Diversity-orientierte Maßnahmenevaluation an der RWTH Aachen (DiEva)

Spotlight Gender – Perspektiven für die medizinische und ingenieurwissenschaftliche Forschung