Integrated Interdisciplinary Institutes – I³

  Building on the RWTH Aachen Research Campus © RWTH Aachen

The goal of RWTH Aachen is to develop into an integrated, interdisciplinary University of Technolgy. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish interdisciplinary structures in the long term. By forming so-called Integrated Interdiscipliary Institutes, I³ for short, RWTH Aachen seeks to take a major step towards realizing its goal.


I³ help develop key research areas and open up new interdisciplinary research fields with strategic relevance for RWTH Aachen University.

They are based on a joint vision of future research and made sustainable by long-term agreements between multiple professorships.

A prerequisite for forming a new I³ is a joint research program that can only be realized by pooling the resources and competencies of several chairs or departments.

Furthermore, the professorships participating in the I³ agree to make a significant part of their own resources available for the interdisciplinary work at the I³.

Establishing I³s is also to help develop the eight profile areas of the University.