SuperC Building and New "Heizkraftwerk" Lecture Halls Copyright: © Peter Winandy

With 260 institutes, RWTH Aachen University is one of Europe's premier educational and research institutions. The University’s nine faculties offer a wide range of academic subjects, including most traditional academic disciplines. Around 572 professors and about 9,300 staff are working in research, teaching, and administration.


Faculty 1 – Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Faculty 2 – Architecture

Faculty 3 – Civil Engineering

Faculty 4 – Mechanical Engineering

Faculty 5 – Georesources and Materials Engineering

Faculty 6 – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty 7 – Arts and Humanities

Faculty 8 – School of Business and Economics

Faculty 10 – Medicine

Source: RWTH Facts & Figures. Please note that the figures for academic and research staff include externally funded staff.