The RWTH Aachen University Profile Areas

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The Profile Areas are the University's key interdisciplinary research areas and form the heart of RWTH's research landscape.


Researchers from different disciplines and faculties work together in different Profile Areas in order to create a basis for socially relevant innovations from the findings of excellent foundational and applied research. They coordinate their research activities, use state-of-the-art infrastructure, and create a large research network from partners in research and industry that are based in Germany and abroad.

The interdisciplinary research on the most significant problems facing society today is divided into eight profile areas. RWTH is also pressing ahead with new topics of strategic and potentially profile-shaping importance for the University, such as the research field of “Built and Lived Environment.”

CompSE  JARA-CSD_1280x600_Peter_Winandy.jpg©Peter Winandy

Modeling & Simulation Sciences (MSS, formerly CompSE / Jara CSD)

ECPE_Fotograf_Peter_Winandy_1280x600.jpg©Peter Winandy

Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering (ECPE)

ICT_1280x600_Foto_Jan_Dietrichs.jpg©Jan Dietrichs

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

MatSE_Reinraum-279_Fotograf_Peter_Winandy_1280x600.jpg©Peter Winandy

Materials Science & Engineering (MatSE)

MedST_Nanotheranostics-381_1280x600_Peter_Winandy.jpg©Peter Winandy

Medical Science & Technology (MedST)

FSD_MTE_3DMob_Flugsysteme_c_FSD_1280x600_Foto_Laura_Föhrenbach.jpg©Laura Föhrenbach

Mobility & Transport Engineering (MTE)

MSE_1280x600_Peter_Winandy.jpg©Peter Winandy

Molecular Science & Engineering (MSE)

ProdE_1280x600_Peter_Winandy.jpg©Peter Winandy

Production Engineering (ProdE)