Excellence Clusters

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The Clusters of Excellence established at selected German universities are internationally recognized, competitive research institutions which make it possible for scientists to conduct research and collaborate in an inspiring setting.

DFG Programs

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The German Research Foundation provides support and funding for research projects and collaborations at German universities and promotes early-career researchers.

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Structured Doctoral Programs

RWTH Aachen offers excellent graduates the opportunity to participate in a structured doctoral program.

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ERC Projects

List of ERC Grantholders and their projects at RWTH Aachen.

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Funding Program for Junior Research Groups

Funding programs for junior research groups are typically targeted at outstanding postdocs with research experience whose doctorate has been completed a few years ago. The program seeks to enable young scholars to conduct independent research early on in their careers.

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International Collaborative Research Projects

The Physics Institutes at RWTH Aachen University are participating in international high-profile collaborative research projects in the arena of particle physics. Particle physics explores the fundamental structures of matter, space-time and the forces in our universe. Despite enormous progress over the last century, important questions remain unanswered today.

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EU Projects

Here you can find an overview of the EU projects RWTH Aachen is involved in.

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