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The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia has launched the KAoA initiative – No Graduation Without Continuation –, a program to make the transition from school to work or university smoother and more successful. The aim is to provide school students with comprehensive information on career prospects as well as options for vocational training or university education. Starting with eighth grade students, the initiative actively guides them in identifying their capabilities and strengths, which helps them to choose the right course of study and career path.

RWTH Aachen has contributed to implementing initiative in Aachen and several neighboring communities. It was actively involved in the development of the Study and Work Orientation Compass and introduced the First-Year Student Information Day, which makes it possible for pupils to discover fields of study and careers at university. We are represented in decisive committees in the districts of Düren, Heinsberg, and Euskirchen within the administrative region of Cologne. Our KAoA academic advisors are also jury members for the Aachener Berufswahl-Siegel.


As part of the KAoA initiative, RWTH actively supports secondary schools by offering orientation events for pupils. We offer presentations, for example about study orientation, and are happy to combine these with a stand an academic or career fair. Secondary schools interested in our offerings are invited to contact us.