Advising for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses


Studies at RWTH Aachen should be unrestricted for every person. The university is particularly responsive to the special needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. From accessible access to lecture halls and institutions to relaxation rooms and competent, individual advising.



We currently only offer consultation by telephone after prior arrangement. Please send us an email with your telephone number and your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


On January 1, 2016, RWTH Aachen introduced the Officers for the Concerns of Disabled and Chronically Ill Students. They will assume the work of the former representative for disabled and chronically ill students and the Concerns for Students with Disabilities.


Personalized Advising


You want to know, how you can use the relaxation room at RWTH Aachen? Are you looking for people, who can help you with everyday life at the university? Do you need more information about BAFöG, scholarships, and assessment accomodations?

The Officers for the Concerns of Disabled and Chronically Ill Students can help you further. Here you will also receive your access authorization to the relaxation room as well as keys to the lockers.

We offer individual appointments upon request, but you can also come see us during our regular open hours. Further information can be found by clicking on the contact box on this page.


Integrative Sports

If you would like to participate in athletics at the university, please contact the contact person for integrative sports. at the University Sports Center will help you to find a suitable activity. , with the Sportreferat, is your contact for disabled sports.


Advising Topics

  • Compensation for disadvantages
  • Accessible Housing
  • Application for a pass for the disabled
  • Exemption from the mobility fee
  • Application for parking permits
  • Search for support groups
  • Building accessibility
  • Application for aids
  • Search for assistants
  • Disabled sports
  • Funding opportunities during studies

We view it as our responsibility to cultivate contact with the responsible institutions within and outside of RWTH and to create a close communication network. Contact with students, who lay out their problems to us, helps us, because we can incorporate these problems into goals.

Officers for the Concerns of Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness


Assistant for Everyday University Life

RWTH Aachen has student aids available to help students with disabilities and chronic illnesses with everyday university life.  They are primarily available for the following tasks: drawing up lecture notes and copies, reading aloud, research, orientation help, copying, scanning, help transporting objects, accompanying to the university and back within Aachen, accompanying on errands that directly have to do with studies, support in the relaxation room or in study rooms, and accompanying to desired locations at the university and within and through the libraries.