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Urban Agricultural Heritage: finding and analyzing case studies



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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UROP International
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Geography
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Institute of Landscape Architecture
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- CAD or GIS drawing/mapping, desktop publishing

Since the advent of the new Millennium, Urban Agriculture has become an important tool for the sustainable planning of cities, thus helping to combat the growing global challenges of urbanization and declining resources. However, it is often forgotten that Urban Agriculture is not a new field, but one with a long established history and tradition. Despite this, in many parts of the World, valuable agricultural heritage is still being neglected and even destroyed, especially in emerging and developing countries. For this reason RWTH Aachen University Institute of Landscape Architecture organized the Herrenhausen Conference Urban Agricultural Heritage in 2019. For 2021 we plan to publish a book presenting the results of the conference and a case study based survey of the importance of urban agricultural heritage around the world.


We call for north-american students to collect, describe and evaluate case studies on urban agricultural heritage worldwide. Best practices as well as previously unrecognized sites should be identified and analyzed concerning their spatial and social structure and their heritage value. The research will be mainly based on literature and online research, which needs to be systematically documented, and case analysis by mapping and drawing. The results should provide first material for case study chapters in the planned book.


- interest in cultural heritage, sustainable food production and site analysis