UROP Project

Shape Aachen into a Smart City – conduct a social science study within the framework of urban development



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90695


Key Info

Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Organisation unit:
Chair for Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA)
Language Skills:
communication skills; self-initiative


Digitization affects us all. Its disruptive character is the reason why there is talk of a digital revolution. Disruptive technologies are turning entire industries upside down, and even if they have been rare in the past, they are becoming the norm in the age of digitization. During this UROP project, the student will work under the program “OecherLab“. The OecherLab is an open, lively and dynamically changing workshop for jointly shaping Aachen into a Smart City. In order to involve citizens in scientific research, the IMA has initiated an experimental panel at the OecherLab, in which studies on current research projects are conducted. [Smart City: Umbrella term for holistic concepts of urban development that include making cities more efficient, technologically advanced, greener and more socially inclusive.]


•The UROP student will conduct a social science questionnaire study within the framework of the experimental panel •Besides an evaluation of the OecherLab, the UROP student has the possibility to freely choose the topic and question of his work in cooperation with the project manager. An exemplary research question might be “What will be the means of transport in cities in the future?“ “Do we need cars?“ “How can we bring more nature into our home?“ etc. •The student will get the chance to accompany and carry out a research process from the development of the research question, through the generation of data, to the evaluation. The student will work independently on an interesting topic related to smart city development.


Interest in the topics of social science, psychological factors and urban development. Independent working, organization, interest in interdisciplinary work. Optional: First experiences with conducting a social science study.