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Analysis and Improvements of Distributed Ledger Technology



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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UROP International
Computer Science
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Communication and Distributed Systems (Informatik 4)
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Fluency in English

We are very active in researching distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as blockchain-based systems: we analyze and design DLT-based systems with focus on their security, privacy, and scability. Recently, our study on blockchain content gained significant media attention (https://blockchain.comsys.rwth-aachen.de). Further, we worked on secure Bitcoin mixing (https://github.com/COMSYS/coinparty) and Ethereum-based car insurance. Our topics of interest include the analysis of next-generation DLT (e.g., Ethereum or IOTA), novel applications that truly benefit from DLT, and combining DLT with privacy-enhancing technologies, e.g., secure multiparty computation or zero-knowledge proofs. The exact topic, methods, and also outcome will be defined at a later date, depending on our research progress and/or your interests and skills. Our full research expertise and general information on our research environment are available at https://www.comsys.rwth-aachen.de/research/security-and-privacy. Supervisor: Roman Matzutt, M.Sc. Roman.matzutt@comsys.rwth-aachen.de


What we offer: This is a great opportunity for you to actively engage in and contribute to original research in the area of security and privacy in cloud computing, a field that is rapidly evolving at the moment. RWTH Aachen University offers an excellent, interdisciplinary research environment, which stimulates cooperation between research groups inside and outside the department of computer science. Our group offers an attractive work environment full of creativity. It is home of a crowd of enthusiastic Bachelor, Master, and PhD students. For the duration of our project, we will provide you with a computer workplace in one of our project rooms and all other necessary work infrastructure. You will interact closely with your supervisor as well as other students and researchers on a daily basis.


What we expect: Your project will describe a small, independent block of research that you are responsible for, and which you will be able to undertake independently with the help of your supervisor. Research in our group typically consists of the design, implementation, and evaluation of communication systems. For this topic, you should be interested in computer networking, security, and privacy as well have solid programming skills, preferably in C/C++, Java, and/or Python. Knowledge on the concept of blockchain technology, especially with respect to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and/or frameworks for private blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric, is a plus but not mandatory. You should have curiosity, an independent working method, and the willingness to bring in and discuss your own ideas and solutions. If you feel interested in this opportunity, we welcome you to apply!