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Practical validation of injection strategies for the injection molding process



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Mechanical Engineering
Organisation unit:
Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University
Language Skills:
English - fluent
Computer Skills:
not required


Injection molding is one of the most important manufacturing processes in plastics processing for the production of mass-produced articles and technical parts for the automotive, electrical and medical industries. The injection velocity during the injection phase is a particularly important machine value, which has a decisive influence on the internal and external properties of the part. As state of the art, the machine operator adjusts the injection profile iteratively which is costs and time consuming. This process is based on recommendations from the material manufacturer and personal longtime experience. A uniform strategy does not exist. Due to this challenge, various injection strategies have been investigated by performing injection molding simulations in order to simplify and improve the setup-process automatically. The aim is to develop a generally valid injection strategy. As the next step, the developed injection profiles have to be be validated in practical injection molding trials.


Your task focuses on practical work. You will validate and adapt different injection strategies for three different parts. Your daily work will be the planning, execution and evaluation of injection molding trials. We will discuss the results regularely to enhance your injection molding process knowledge.


Basic knowledge in plastics processing, especially injection moulding beneficial, but not mandatory. Motivation and pleasure in practical work are required. Motivation and joy in practical work are required. Basic knowledge in plastics processing, especially injection molding is beneficial, but not mandatory.