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Textile reinforced 3D-printed concrete elements



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90695


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UROP International
Civil Engineering
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Institut fuer Textiltechnik (ITA)
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MS Office


One major challenge preventing widespread introduction of digital concrete production is the integration of reinforcing materials. Textile grid structures offer a possible solution for this challenge. Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) has been researched for approximately 20 years and is currently being commercialized, initially in pre-cast elements for facades and bridges. TRC enables the construction of thin-walled, strong structures with a high freedom of design, properties well suited for the integration in digital concrete production. First trials for this integration have been performed and published. However, these studies only use short fibers mixed into the concrete matrix or textile reinforcement within the printing plane, which limits the transferred loads. In order to meet the growing demands, in volume and complexity, of the global construction industry, new production processes and materials are required.


The combination of TRC and digital concrete production enables material efficient, quick and safe production of complex geometries. However, the integration of reinforcing textiles into the digital concrete production is challenging and current approaches are limited to the placement of reinforcement within the printing plane. Your task will be to generate a first step towards the vertical integration of reinforcing textiles into digital concrete production, facilitating structural reinforcement and unlocking new applications of digital concrete production.


- Course of studies similar to mechanical engineering, materials science, civil engineering, industrial engineering, etc. - Very good knowledge of MS Office - Interest in scientific work and journal publications - Enthusiasm for innovative and interdisciplinary approaches - Knowledge in the field of textile technology is not required, but is appreciated.