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Robotic Data Visualization with iviz



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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UROP International
Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Organisation unit:
RWTH Aachen University, Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT)
Language Skills:
English or German
- Work in a comfortable and creative environment within a focused team; - Aachen is a big center of engineering; - Aachen is located in the three country corner, lots to see and travel; - Students get a regional train pass to travel around; - Institute is located right next to the city center, everything is around


The popularity of the Robot Operating System (ROS) has significantly increased in the last few years, as ROS provides an open and well-documented platform for general-purpose robotic functions such as sensing, mapping, path planning and data visualization. We at the Advanced Mining Technology (AMT) Institute are committed to providing technologies and system solutions for harsh environments. ROS2-powered robots have successfully been tested and deployed in various underground mining settings by us. To unleash the full potential of underground robotic operations, environmental data sensed and processed by the robot has to be visualized effectively. For instance, the robot can use infrared thermography and computer vision to detect roof cracks which are then displayed on a ruggerized tablet computer. Aim of this project is to develop such a visualization using the iviz library. As resource efficiency and mine safety are our vision and misson, this project brings our core values to life.


- Get familiar with iviz - Program data visualization using iviz SDK - Define future use cases


- Familiarity with ROS and Linux - Knowledge of High-Level Programming (C++, Java, Python, ...) - Research oriented mindset - Strong problem solving skills