UROP Project

Sensing technologies for advanced conditions - automatisation & teleremote monitoring of raw material process



Jan Müller

Program Director UROP


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Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Organisation unit:
RWTH Aachen University, Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT)
Language Skills:
English or German
Computer Skills:
software development for data evaluation and image processing; Confident use of Linux systems; Basic knowledge of Matlab/Simulink, C++, Python, ROS and git desirable
Work in a comfortable and creative environment within a focused team Aachen is a big center of engineering Aachen is located in the three country corner, lots to see and travel Students get a regional train pass to travel around Institute is located right next to the city center, everything is around
Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Clausen


Do you want to make the world a safer place and invent systems for climate protection at the same time? Then help to develop the best sensor system for teleremote monitoring and automation for the raw materials industry. Of course, the use of teleremote controlled machines in dangerous and unpleasant workplaces increases work safety. In the area of raw material processing, it can also lead to a higher recycling rate and thus to a reduction in the primary raw material consum. In our new project we are developing a sensor system for a teleremote controlled and automated salg removal in ore processing. We at AMT (Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies) are committed to providing technologies and system solutions for harsh environments like in mining and heavy machinery construction. Resource efficiency, safety and social responsibility are our vision and mission. Our diverse team strives to always provide excellent and at the same time viable solutions.


Find the best possible sensor system for a teleremote controlled machine for slag removal by • Building up a "cold" laboratory test bench of the real hot ore smelting pot • Developping a test procedure for the sensors to find the most appropriate sensor typ • Performing and evaluating the tests • Possible: Investigation of other interesting issues like the best sensor positions, the software to visualize and automate the process , the real-time capability of the system You are fully involved in the hot phase of machine development, for a safer and more resource efficient raw material processing.


• Research oriented mindset • Strong problem solving skills • Prior experience and interest in optical sensors, prototype testing and software development for data evaluation and image processing • Basic knowledge of Matlab/Simulink, C++, Python, ROS and git desirable • Confident use of Linux systems • Fast learning curve & independent working style • Creativity & mechanical skills • No fear of hot materials • Good basic physical condition