UROP Project

Software Development for Autonomous Design with Python



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90695


Key Info

Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Computational Engineering Science
Organisation unit:
Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA)
Language Skills:
Computer Skills:
Experience with object oriented programming; Basic knowledge in Python or a comparable language (C++, Java, ...)
Microsoft Office; Communicative, Self-initiative


Transferring human experience into software is a complicated but desired dream of research aiming at having a machine to evaluate a situation and a task the same way an expert would do. We at IMA are also working on projects of this kind. For example, in one of our research projects, we develop a solution for implementing a semi-autonomous expert system for the design of injection molds. For this purpose, we extract the knowledge of designers in this field and implement a rule-based expert system. This system will analyze digital 3D objects and create an ejector system design for an injection mold. The design will be based on the geometrical features of the object and the digitalized expertise of the designers.


As part of this project, the student will have the opportunity to work on their own research task as part of an interdisciplinary team. Within this project, the student will develop and implement a subsystem as part of the software. To achieve this goal, the student will familiarize them self with the former work of this project and the domain of injection molding. Therefore, it is important to understand the experts and the rules, which are extracted and categorized already. Together with the supervisor, the student will define the next necessary feature of the object analysis and how to implement and integrate it into the given software structure. Finally, the results must be tested and presented.


• Independent and reliable work • High motivation for software development • Programming skills in object oriented programming (Preferably with Python)