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Industrial Network and Data Security



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90695


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Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Computer Science
Organisation unit:
Junior Professorship for Security and Privacy in Industrial Cooperation
Language Skills:
Fluency in English
Computer Skills:
Programming skills (preferably Python or C/C++), basic Linux skills


Industrial machines and factories are increasingly being equipped with a large number of sensors and networked with each other. While this digitization provides many benefits, it also leads to massive security and privacy concerns of industrial companies. In our research, we are concerned with the development and application of methods and tools for the comprehensive protection of networks, data, and systems against security and privacy risks. Our research topics range from network security (e.g., intrusion detection, retrofitting legacy resource-constrained industrial control systems, network-based security assessments) over data security (e.g., data usage policies, computations on encrypted data) to infrastructure for security research (e.g., testbeds and simulation environments). The exact topic, methods, and outcome of your project within this research area will be defined closer to the start of the project, depending on our research progress and/or your interests and skills.


Pursuing a research project in our group is a great opportunity for you to actively engage in and contribute to original research in the important area of industrial network and data security. RWTH Aachen University offers an excellent, interdisciplinary research environment, which stimulates cooperation between research groups inside and outside the department of computer science. For the project, we will provide you with a fully-equipped workplace and all other necessary technical infrastructure. You will interact closely with your mentor as well as other researchers on a daily basis. In the past, research projects pursued with us in the context of UROP International led to publications at renowned international conferences and we strive to also publish the results of your project.


Your project will describe a small, independent block of research that you are responsible for, and which you will be able to undertake independently with the help of your mentor. Research in our group typically consists of the design, implementation, and evaluation of technical systems. Thus, besides a general interest in the field of security, privacy, cryptography, and computer networking you should have programming skills, preferably in Python and/or C/C++, and basic Linux skills. Further knowledge, e.g., on industrial control systems, the (Industrial) Internet of Things, secure communication (e.g., TLS), or secure computations (e.g., homomorphic encryption) is a plus but not mandatory. You should be curios, able to work independently, and willing to bring in and discuss your own ideas and solutions.