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Advanced Oxidation Technologies for Destruction of Trace Contaminants in Water



Daniel Holder

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UROP Abroad
Chemical Engineering
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The University of Arizona
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Worldwide surveys of natural waters that receive discharge from wastewater treatment plants have shown the presence of pervasive trace organic contaminants that are not removed by current treatment technologies. These contaminants are a source of concern since in some cases they have caused measurable heath effects in fish and it is not known if long-term exposure will lead to health effects in humans. Our research group is working on the use of hydrogen peroxide photolysis and ozonation as alternative technologies for the removal of trace organics from wastewater treatment plant effluent. This project will use experimental data gathered by our group to optimize the design of advanced oxidation processes. The specific aim of the project is to use current theoretical models to scale up the application of these technologies to well-characterized effluents. It is expected that the procedure developed will be useful to treatment utilities and design engineers.


The student will be integrated into a research group consisting of three faculty members and several graduate and undergraduate students. Experiments in advanced oxidation processes will be performed in set ups ranging from laboratory scale to a pilot plant that will be installed in a wastewater treatment facility in Southern Arizona. Specific tasks include: 1. Familiarization with the processes at various scales, including participation in experiments and data analysis. 2. Development of a simulation strategy for the optimization of ozonation processes, and implementation of an optimization algorithm that has been developed for hydrogen peroxide photolysis.


Basic chemistry laboratory skills.

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