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Jan Müller

Program Director UROP


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UROP Abroad
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Vanderbilt University, Department of Chemistry
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C++, SQL, JAVA, etc are helpful but not required
Experimental molecular biology is helpful but not required


I provide a general description of our research interests below. Projects are available on a constant basis in all areas of research. more detail is available at www.meilerlab.org . I give example dates below but these ar every flexible. Research in our laboratory seeks to fuse computational and experimental efforts to investigate proteins, the fundamental molecules of biology, and their interactions with small molecule substrates, therapeutics, or probes. We develop computational methods with three major ambitions in mind. A) To enable protein structure elucidation of membrane proteins the primary target of most therapeutics and large macromolecular complexes such as viruses. B) Design proteins with novel structure and/or function to explore novel approaches to protein therapeutics and deepen our understanding of protein folding pathways. C) Understand the relation between chemical structure and biological activity quantitatively in order to design more efficient and more specific drugs. Crucial for our success is the experimental validation of our computational approaches which we pursue in our laboratory or in collaboration with other scientists. Current research applications focus on new approaches to a) drug and probe development for neurodegenerative disorders and diseases including Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's, b) understanding the structural determinants of antidepressant binding to neurotransmitter transporters, c) cardiac arrhythmia as caused by the complex interplay of potassium channel regulation and drug interactions, d) multidrug resistance in cancer and bacterial cells related to multidrug transporter proteins, and e) structural basis of viral infections and antibody activity.


- development of computer algorithms (C++) to model biological and chemical systems using two source codes (Rosetta and BCL) - database and web development - experimental molecular biology - protein structure elucidation to discuss specific projects please contact info@meilerlab.org


Either previous experience in programming, database and web development, or experimental molecular biology are helpful but not required

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Vanderbilt University, Department of Chemistry
7330 Stevenson Center, Station B 351822
37235 Nashville