UROP Project

Internal defect characterization of deformed niobium single crystals using synchrotron x-ray diffraction



Jan Müller

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90299


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Basic Information

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UROP Abroad
Metallurgical Engineering
Organisation unit:
Michigan State University: Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Language Skills:
English sufficient to communicate effectively on the topic of metallurgy
Computer Skills:
some prior experience with programming, need not be deep.


Excellence Cluster: Internet of Production

Many measurements of diffraction peaks using area detectors have been made for samples of single crystal niobium, with known deformation conditions. The project will use of peak shape analysis to characterize and quantify dislocation density on different slip systems, and relate this to the known deformation conditions. From this information, comparisons will be made between existing crystal plasticity models and experimental measurements that will lead to improvements in crystal plasticity models that will improve the predictability of deformation.


Using the analysis strategy for analysis of dislocation content in deformed metals (e.g. papers form T. Ungar group), with the help of another grad student who has experience in this topic in a different material, the student will develop strategies for extracting this information from "big data" that is on hand. This will take place initially by hand, and once the strategy is worked out, macros will be modified or written to systematically extract this information in a systematic way to reduce the data into more readily interpretable form. Then, comparisons with computational models will be made to assess the quality of the models for predicting what was measured.


Prior understanding of deformation mechanisms in metals, and understanding of the role of dislocations in deformation of metals. Basic understanding of stress tensors is required. Prior experience with computer based math tools such as matlab or python is highly desirable.