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Liquid flow sensor for smart implantable VP shunts



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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Biomedical Engineering
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Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Computer Skills:
AutoCAD 2D and 3D drawing and use of MATLAB


Micro flow-sensors are emerging as industrial application of micro-electromechanical sensors. Many such sensors are based are similar to hot-wire anemometers, or utilize flexible flaps detecting fluid motion using implanted strain gauges. This project examines an alternative approach based on the use of ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors (GMR sensors) and a flexible ferromagnetic sensing element placed in the moving fluid. The proposed approach allows separation of the electronics into a hermetic package thus allowing application in wet environments such as the human body. The envisioned application is detection of drainage of cerebral-spinal fluid through implanted ventricular –peritoneal (VP) shunt.


The interns will participate in the design and fabrication of mirco-flaps using electro-plating of Ni-Co alloys. The produced flexible elements will be tested using custom made electronic amplification circuit and several GMR and temperature sensors. The interns will evaluate the acquired sensor data using FFT transforms, time-domain analysis, and will develop mathematical models of the observed behavior.


Required technical skills include two or more of the following: - Ability to use standard laboratory test instrumentation - Ability to use MATLAB Signal Processing Tool Box - AutoCAD 2D and 3D drawing. - Familiarity of FEA code such as ANSYS - Successful applicants should be "team players", i.e. they are expected to be willing to work with other students, receive training and be willing to commit their time to train and assist fellow lab mates.